HitBTC has approved EGOLD’s EGD tokens for October 15!

At EGOLD we are very excited to announce the next exchange that we are listing on.

Now we have our biggest announcement yet for an exchange listing…

HitBTC has approved EGOLD EGD tokens for Oct 15!

HitBTC is a top 10 crypto exchange

As shown on  CoinMarketCap, HitBTC is the 8th most active exchange based upon daily trading volume in the whole worldwide 24/7 crypto economy.

Being listed on an exchange of this caliber brings a strong message to the crypto community… that EGOLD is a major new coin, and will have instant liquidity in the crypto markets.

We promised you that we’d bring the EGOLD token onto a major exchange, and once again we’re hitting our milestones and targets, delivering upon our promises to you, the EGOLD community.