Time to exchange your crypto to Gold instead tether

EGOLD main token (Backed by gold) live on 5 Oct in our internal exchange with the pair of BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, XRP, BCH, DASH and EGD
the customers can exchange in 2 two way from crypto to gold and gold to crypto, we do KYC for all gold buyers except EGD holders, in the first phase we can only sale 100Kg of the gold cause of our backed amount and this amount increase by raising transactions amount.
Also, we have a contract to install 33 EGOLD ATM in some places (will be announced before 5 OCT).
In the next week, we add new sections to our website (Gold price widget, Exchange, KYC for gold buyers).
Pay attention we have less than a day to end our last 5% bonus to buy EGD token after this time until the end of ICO (1 Oct) we don’t have any bonus.